Long-Term-Care vs Retail for Assisted Living Resident

Is your loved one in an assisted living facility? Are you tired of running back and forth from a retail pharmacy to the assisted living facility to retrieve and deliver medicine? If the answer is yes, then you need to think about using A-1 Pharmacy’s long-term care pharmacy services to fill your loved one’s prescription needs.

A long-term care pharmacy can provide routine medication services delivered for free to the assisted living facility so you can spend quality time with your loved one instead of driving back and forth to a pharmacy. Our long-term care pharmacists are equipped to handle patients with multiple medications and multiple health conditions and will treat your family member as if they walked into our store. Using a long-term care pharmacist allows your loved one to receive better health care because they will have access to the medicine and supplies they need to thrive.

Our long-term care pharmacy uses compliance packaging and delivers medication to the assisted-living facility for each patient. Our compliance packaging cards are colored by the dose to make it easy to know which medication should be taken at the right time. Let us assist you by delivering the medicine to your loved one at the assisted living for free. No more running back and forth between your house, a chain pharmacy and the assisted living facility.

At A-1 Pharmacy, our long-term care pharmacists can’t wait to meet you and take over the burden of managing your loved one’s medication. Call A-1 Pharmacy today to begin our journey together.

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